Portable Battery Operated Bottle Warmers

Battery operated bottle warmers are preferred over the electric bottle warmers because of their ability to be carried around everywhere at any time. In this post, the battery powered Second Nature 3-in-1 portable bottle warmer, a product of Regal Lager is briefed.

Preface of the Second Nature warmer:

Though you can’t expect the exceptional functionality of a conventional bottle warmer, the only warmth you may expect is of milk and not of the power. Apart from that, the time taken is also bit more; it takes around 10-20 minutes for warming food and bottles. But still, this warmer is an idealistic option if you are out traveling and can’t hunt for socket in all the places. It also provides safe and consistent heat source until the bottle is completely warmed up.

ThermaCell cartridge is provided along with the warmer; this is sufficient for 20-30 uses after which you need to have a spare ThermaCell especially if you are on the go and you don’t want the warmer to stop functioning. The unit also has auto shut off feature. The warmer weighs 1 pound and measures 5” x 4” X 2”. The surface is easily cleanable and operation is also very simple.

Portable battery operated bottle warmers can be used anywhere in cars, nursery, bedrooms, while traveling, etc.