Braun Cordless Curling Iron Features

Braun cordless curling iron is ideal if you happen to be a travel freak; you would love its remarkable versatility to be carried around everywhere.  So, here is the best option for you- Braun cordless styler – butane curling iron

Braun styler at a Glance

The barrel of this curling iron measures 7/8″. The cordless styler cum curling iron will be ready to work on your hair within 60 seconds. An ergonomic handle is provided with energy level indicator.  One energy cell is provided at the time of purchase, which is the source of energy for this curling iron. To protect your hair from upsurges, heat resistant cover along with safety lock is also being provided; a volume brush is also included in the package. Ready indicator with fast heat time is imbibed for convenience.


  • Highly portable
  • Versatile design for curling as well as styler too.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Better results than electric curling iron
  • No plugs or outlets; hence no mess
  • With even heat supply, flaunt curly hair on the go

Though Braun cordless curling iron is unavailable at present, it has left a good impact with all the consumers who have been using it already.